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hot sales wood pellet biomass industrial burner for Industrial boiler

Minimum Order Quantity : 1 SET Price : Negotiation
Packaging Details : plywood packaging. Delivery Time : 10 WORKING DAY
Payment Terms : L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram Supply Ability : 3000 SETS PER YEAR
Place of Origin: HENAN,CHINA Brand Name: SWET
Certification: ISO9001 Model Number: LSS

Detail Information

Product Name: Hot Sales Wood Pellet Biomass Industrial Burner For Industrial Boiler Item: YDZ- Biomass Steam Boiler
Design Fuel: Biomass Color: Customer's Requirement
Warranty: 12 Months Application: Heating Boiler
Material: Stainless Steel Thermal Efficiency: Over 90%
Biggest Consumption: 150kg/h Output Heat: 600000Kcal
High Light:

natural gas steam boiler


industrial electric steam boiler

Product Description

Product Description

wood pellet biomass industrial burner


wood pellet burner

wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner

1.Explanation of major components and terms:

(1)Hopper: used to store biomass pellets.

(2)Main body of vaporization chamber: biomass particle fuel gasification in gasification chamber

(3)Fire mouth (fire mouth): divided into inner tube and outer tube, the inner tube emits combustion gas.

(4)Grate: The middle position of the door of the vaporization chamber, used for air distribution when the particles are burned and vaporized.

(5)Ash door: The burner must open the door every 2-8 hours of work to clean the ash on the grate. When opening the door, be sure to stop the blower for more than 10 minutes and stand on the side of the door and keep it for more than 2 meters. The safe distance, after the blower stops running, open with a long iron. There is no flame and the combustible gas can be ejected before the door can be cleaned.

(6)Blower: Distribution of air for combustion and gasification.

(7)Wind box: used to adjust the air volume and air pressure.

(8)Bottom wind: From the bottom of the grate.

(9)Secondary air: Mezzanine distribution between the inner and outer tubes of the fire vent, and the secondary combustion of combustible gas in the combustion flaring.

(10)Feeding motor: screw rod used to drive feeding system.

(11)Feeding system: Feed biomass pellets into the combustion chamber.

(12)Casters: For short-distance movement of the burner (use a forklift away from the distance to avoid damage to the rigid vibrating refractory layer).

(13)Fuel: Pure woody biomass pellet fuel, diameter 8-10MM, length less than 30mm, heating value above 3500KCal, ash content less than 3% (large tonnage burner can burn 30MM biomass briquette fuel).

wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner

1.working principle:

The basic working principle of automatic particle biomass burning machine is: Biomass burner mainly consists of burner body, feeding machine, multiple air distribution system, electronic control system (man-machine interface, PLC intelligent detection and control) and so on. The combustion chamber of the combustion engine is a secondary combined type. The fuel is divided into two stages by the automatic feeding system and enters the high-temperature pyrolysis semi-vaporization combustion chamber. The air distribution is performed multiple times. The gasification device is fed from the lower part of the furnace to form a suspension half. Gasification combustion and rapid cracking reactions produce high-temperature gas. This process produces precipitated and intermediate products H2, CH4, CmHn, CO and other combustible components. The temperature can reach above 1000°C. It can be suspended, vaporized, combusted and entered the supporting heated equipment through the combustion chamber of the oxygen and flushed through the combustion nozzle. Boiler heating surface, instead of coal, diesel, heavy oil and other traditional energy work.At the same time, the gasified carbon block continues to burn under the action of the original boiler blower until it burns into the gray chamber.

wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner

3.Work characteristics:

(1) Energy saving, environmental protection, and intelligence.

(2) The semi-gasification combustion method has high combustion efficiency.

(3) The combustion flame has a high temperature and can be used in place of diesel burners, natural gas burners, and heavy oil burners.

(4) The flame emitted from the fire exit during combustion will contain a small amount of ash. In the application, it should be reserved on the heat exchange setting (such as heat exchanger, aluminum melting furnace, etc.).

(5) Smoke emissions contain very little sulphide, far below national standards.

wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner

TWO.Conditions of Use

wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner

1. The biomass burning machine needs to work under negative pressure. At the same time, the ID fan must be installed to ensure the negative pressure. If it is applied to aluminum melting furnace, greenhouse heating, drying room and other working conditions, it can be operated at slightly positive pressure. However, it is necessary to ensure the smooth flow of the flue; the cross-sectional area of the exhaust outlet and the power of the induced draft fan will be carried out according to the requirements specified by the engineering department of our company.

2. The use environment of biomass burning machine must be well ventilated, and there are enough installation positions and operating positions. There must be no obstructions in the direction of the furnace door to affect the cleaning operation, and the distance from the wall should be at least 1.5 times the diameter of the furnace.

3. When using the burner, two 2KG dry powder fire extinguishers must be equipped within 5 meters of the burner.

4. must be equipped with a special operator to operate, the operator must be guided by the machine can operate the machine.

5.If the product is used in a boiler, it should be submitted to a qualified boiler installation company for installation. If there is a size deviation due to the size of the burner mouthpiece, the size of the boiler's crater must be corrected. The product must be reported to the local boiler inspection office for approval. Qualified boiler maintenance unit.

wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner,wood pellet biomass industrial burner

Abnormal situation Possible Causes Treatment method
Flame color is orange with black smoke

1.Insufficient primary air volume

2. Feeding speed is too fast

3.The pellet combustion material is not evenly spread on the grate

4.Induced fan air volume is too small

1.Adjust air supply frequency, increase primary air volume

2.Adjust the feed frequency or controller to slow down the feed rate

3.Adjust the secondary air of the burner.

4.Check whether the induced draft fan and smoke tube are smooth

Furnace stack cannot be completely burned

1. Feeding speed is too fast

2. The blowing volume is too large or too small

3.Induced fan air volume is too small

1.Adjust the feeding frequency to slow down the feeding speed.

2.Increase or decrease the amount of air entering the blowing pipe

4.Use prescribed fuel

The chimney appeared dark smoke and the fire turned light red

1. Feeding speed is too fast

2.Coke coking results in reduced bottom wind

3.Abnormal particle fuel quality

1. Reduce the feed rate

2.Stop the furnace to clear the coke

3.Replace pure wood pellets

Grate(furnace)Coking Speed up

1.Low ash melting point of pellet fuel

2.Bottom air volume insufficient

1.Replacement of wood biomass pellets

2.Increase bottom wind, induce wind

Feed system does not feed

1. Control signal power off

2. The fuel is too long to bridge the bottom of the hopper

3. The high ash content of fuel causes the rod to jam

4.Into the hopper into the debris (screws, iron pieces)

1. Check the thermostat or pressure controller

2. Replace fuel within 30MM

3. Replace ash smaller fuel

4.After cleaning the hopper fuel, reverse the material rod

Grate single or partial burn through deformation

1. Furnace temperature is too high, bottom wind is insufficient

2.Grate blockage

1. Adjust the bottom wind frequency, increase the bottom wind volume

2.Clean grate to ensure smooth grate clearance

During the operation, the fuel silo emits black smoke

1. The pellet fuel has been burned,causing countercurrent

2. Coking of inner tube of crater leads to countercurrent of smoke

3.The induced draft is too small and the pressure in the combustion chamber is too high

4.Fuel pushed to the feed port

1. The fuel should be added in time

2. Remove the coke from the burner and turn it on after use

3. Increase the amount of induced wind, appropriately reduce the blast air volume and feed rate, reduce the output power

4.Adjust the bottom wind and slow down the feeding speed

Furnace cover or furnace body color 1 furnace wall insulation material collapse

1.The bottom cover heat insulation material falls

2.Stop and overhaul immediately and use it after completion

Furnace smoke Refractory mud cracking

1.Remove the original refractory mud and use high temperature adhesive

2.Use it again after re-patching


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